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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Junior X Country

Arrowtown School Junior X-Country
Wednesday 24th September
Wilcox Green

Hi all,
The year 0-4 Junior X-Country is coming up next week. It will be held at Wilcox Green, Arrowtown.
The children have been training well and I’m sure would appreciate your support if you can make it.

The timetable for the day is as follows.

·       Early lunch at 12.00pm ( Sausages will be cooked early for those who get them)
·       Hand bell at 12.20pm – changed/toilet/line up outside classes
·       Walk to Wilcox Green and sit on bank.
·       1.00pm -Briefing
·       1.15pm -Start Races

Approximate times of races are;

·       Yr 0 -1 girls 1.15pm
·       Yr 0 -1 boys 1.20pm
·       Yr 2 girls 1.25pm
·       Yr 2 boys 1.30pm
·       Yr 3 girls 1.35pm
·       Yr 3 boys 1.40pm
·       Yr 4 girls 1.45pm
·       Yr 4 boys 1.50pm
·       Certificates ceremony 2.00pm -2.15pm
·       2.15pm walk back to school

Course is part of river track and Wilcox green -Approximate distances are;

·       Yr 0-2 – 650m
·       Yr 3-4 -  1200m

What to bring?
  • Packed lunch to eat at school before going to Wilcox Green.
  • Drink bottle (labelled) to take to races.
  • Warm top to wear while waiting for, and after the race.
  • Sun hats and sunscreen
  • Good running shoes (compulsory), shorts and t-shirt.

Other things……
  • No dogs please
  • Parents plaese stay off the course when kids are competing – last year we had parents and toddlers cutting in front of runnners.
  • Kids are expected to stay for the prizegiving. Please advise your child’d class teacher if you are taking your child after that.

Hoping it’s a fine day and to see you all there!
Paul Winders                                                        
Sports Co-ordinator.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Yr4/5/6 Skiing

Year 4/5/6 skiing is on at this stage as Metservice is only forecasting rain at times from afternoon.

Monday, August 25, 2014

CO X Country times

·       10.30am – Registration – Managers collect transponders and put them on runners
·       10.50am – Walk the track
·       11.20 am – Briefing
·       11.30am – Yr 5 girls
·       11.40am – Yr 5 Boys
·       11.50am – Yr 6 Girls
·       12.00pm – Yr 6 Boys
·       12.10pm – Yr 7 Girls
·       12.20pm – Yr 7 Boys
·       12.30pm – Yr 8 Girls
·       12.40pm – Yr 8 Boys
·       1.00 pm – prize giving (in Arrowtown School Hall if weather bad)
(times are approximates so please be ready for races early!)

CO X Country 2014

Central Otago X Country
Monks Farm Tuesday 26th August

Hi all,
The Central Otago cross Country is on next Tuesday 26th at Monks farm. It is the same course as the school one.
Unfortunately we haven’t been able to do much training with the weather and ski days although I am pleased to hear there have been a few kids out training in their own time!
They will be issued a tracksuit and school t –shirt and shorts on Monday. On the Tuesday they will come to school first and walk down with a teacher at 10am.
They will be walked back to school if there is no parent there to collect them after the event.
Please see information provided for timetables etc.
Year 5 Girls
1.   Olive Watherston
2.   Jett Fa’amelepe
3.   Jessica McDonald
4.   Zoe Wagget
5.   Sophia Purdon
6.   Keely Erskine
Year 6 Girls
1. Georgie ffiske
2. Michaela McLister
3. Jordan Boland
4. Marigold Kunath
5. Ella VanderWilt
6. Hannah White

Year 7 Girls
1.     Luca Swale
2.     McKenzie Galbraith
3.     Indigo Little
4.     Harriet Nielson
5.     Ella Bijl
6.     Greta Balfour
Year 8 Girls
1.     Jemima Stevens
2.     Alice Robinson
3.     Gabby White
4.     Sophie Adamson
5.     Molly Stevens
6.     Isabella Jones

Year 5 Boys
1.     Sam Davis
2.     Max Frew
3.     Fred Tapper
4.     Johnny ffiske
5.     Austin Watts
6.     Oliver Camp

Year 6 Boys
1.     Harrison McLean
2.     Harry Thomas
3.     Jak Stevenson
4.     Finley Young
5.     Finley Husheer
6.     Toby Hart
Year 7 Boys
1.  Ben May
2.  Ben Robinson
3.  Taine Wallace
4.  Sam McLean
5.  Hamish Kampman
6.  Cameron Leydon
Year 8 Boys
1. Nic Houghton
2. Nathan Hill
3. Luke Bijl
4. Fynn Williams
5. Guy Morganty
6. Gabe White
I have registered all our Arrowtown kids (see table below). They will get a transponder when they get there to put around their ankles. This will record where they finish.
There will be hot and cold food to buy as a fundraiser for year 8 camp so please bring some lunch money!!
Please feel free to come down and support the A  - Town kids.
Go A - Town!
Paul Winders

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Winter Sports Updated Lists

The snow sports lists with groups and parent help have been updated and are on the school website - - scroll to the bottom of the page.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Winter Sports 2014

Hi All,

Group lists and parent information has been emailed home. You can find copies of all documents on the sports page of our school website - (scroll down to the bottom of the page to find files)

Monday, June 30, 2014

Kids Games

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Kids Games

Tuesday 1st July Frankton Events Centre

Hi all,
The Kids Games are on tomorrow.
The forecast looks very cold so make sure your kids wrap up warm and bring a jacket. If postponed they will let the school know by 8.00am and we will put on the school website.
Buses leave school at 9.00am and will return by 2.30pm.
Please check with your child about what country they are for the day and wear appropriate colours. They can have face paint if the wish. They will also need clothes to be active in. Thermals underneath could be a good option.
Make sure they pack plenty of lunch and a drink bottle.
We still need a couple more parents who can help with teams so please let me know if you can help.
Feel free to come along during the day and see how they are doing.

Paul Winders
Sport Co-ordinator