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Monday, February 16, 2015

2015 Touch Rugby

Touch Rugby begins this afternoon (Monday 16) at the Queenstown Events Centre. The APS teams are on our website on the sports page - - (scroll to the bottom). The draw is at - - just click on the Queenstown primary tab and then the draw for 16 Feb.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Central Otago Athletics results

Top 3 Placings for Arrowtown kids from Central Otago Athletics
Under 9’s
Olive Watherston 2nd 800m Year 5 Girls
Gwynnie Fisk 2nd 60m Girls
Luna Wilson 2nd Long Jump – 1st Hurdles
Josh Viana 2nd 60m Boys
Mace Korani, Harrison Miller, Josh Viana, Oz Rottenberg 1st Relay
Lachie Galbraith – 2nd Long jump 3rd High Jump
Kaleb Poole – 2nd Discus
Under 10’s
Liana Carran 2nd High Jump
Jett Fa’amelepe 1st Shot Put
Sophia Purdon 3rd Hurdles
Sam Davis, Fred Tapper, Josh Bonnar, Finley Davies 1st =Relay
Finley Davies 1st High Jump
Sam Davies 2nd Shot Put 2nd Hurdles
Austin Watts 2nd Discus
Under 11’s
Jordan Boland, Molly Miller, Olive Watherston, Olivia Boland 2nd Relay
Sam Hadley 1st Discus
Enzo Wilson 3rd Shot Put
Jordan Boland 3rd Hurdles
Under 12’s
Harrison McLean 1st Year 6 boys 800m
Georgie ffiske, Lucy Viggers, Ella Bijl, Hanna Cerecke 3rd Relay
Ella Bijl 3rd High Jump
Hamish Kampman, Lucas Erskine, Harrison McLean, Cameron Leydon 3rd Relay
Toby Duffy 1st Discus - 3rd High Jump
Hamish Kampman – 2nd Hurdles
Isaiah Sadler 3rd Shot Put
Under 13’s
Luca Swale 1st Year 7 girls 800m (Central Otago record 2.38) 2nd Hurdles
Alice Robinson, McKenzie Galbraith, Nell Watherston, Sophie Cooper 1st Relay
Alice Robinson 1st Hurdles 2nd High Jump
Claudia Watts 3rd Hurdles
Britton Dowling, Taine Wallace, Guy Morganty, Will Booker 1st Relay
Britton Dowling 1st Shot Put - 2nd 75m, 3rd Hurdles 2nd 75m

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Cental Otago Athletics team

You can view the team at

Central Athletics

CO Athletics - Tuesday 4th November, Molyneaux Park, Alexandra, Postponement day Thursday 6th

Hi all,
Your child has been selected to compete in the Central Otago Primary Schools’ Athletics day. See on back for events entered. Please note that there are some events where there is only one or no entries from our school. This is because the Central Otago standard wasn’t met for that event.

·       The event is being held at Molyneaux Park, Alexandra on Tuesday 4th November starting at 9.15am. Postponement day is Thursday 6th.The Events times sheet is attached. Look out for Mr Winders who will be in charge of our team this year. We will have the green Arrowtown School gazebo to look for on the hill as our base.

·       On the day your child will need a packed lunch, a drink, sunscreen lotion and a sunhat. There is a canteen operating as well. They will be issued with school t-shirts and shorts at school. Uniforms need to be washed and returned after the event.
·       Take something warm to wear between events if the day is cold.
·       There is an entry fee of $3.00 per competitor to be paid to the school office by the Mon 3rd November.
·       I will put a notice on school website if the athletics is postponed by 7.30am.
·       Arrowtown School is in charge of the hurdles this year so it would be great if we could have some parent help to run them. Please enter a time below if you help.
·       Girls’ track events are in the morning with field events in the afternoon. Boys’ field events are in the morning and track events in the afternoon. See timetable attached. You don’t have to be there the whole day if you are only in 1 or 2 events but make sure you are at least 20mins before your event.
·       See attached sheet for events your child is in as well as all our competitors so as to enable you to look at ride-share possibilities. If your child needs transport to the event please contact me at school please indicate on the form below.
  • A BBQ will be operating on the day, and a canteen offering a variety of food/drinks.

We are looking forward to a very successful and enjoyable day.

“Go for Gold!”
Arrowtown School
Paul Winders
Sports Co-ordinator

Yes/ No  I would like my child (name) _____________________________________entered.
 Yes I can take him/her plus_________ extras to the Central Otago Athletics on Tues 4th November.

No my child _____________________________________ needs a lift. 

Yes -My $3 entry fee is attached

I can / cannot volunteer an hour of my time to help with the hurdles.

Circle one     10am – 11am          11am-        12pm -1pm       1pm – 2pm

Name _________________________  Phone ____________________________________

Please return to the office by Monday 3rd November

Monday, October 20, 2014

Touch rugby

Hi all
For touch teams please go to this link and scroll to bottom of the page. 


Arrowtown School Yr 3-8 Athletics

Tuesday 28th October – 2014

Arrowtown School

Hi all,
Our School athletics is on this Tuesday 28th October at the Arrowtown School. We are holding it at school this year as our numbers are increasing and we need more time to get through the events. By taking off travel time to and from the Events Centre hopefully we can get through them all.
If postponed it will be posted on the school website by 8.00am.
Postponement day is Friday 31st  October.
We are not going to have a lunch break so the children are going to take their bags around the stations with them and eat and drink when they feel they need to.
Please ensure your child has a large packed lunch with plenty of snacks and drink bottle for the day. They will also need to be wearing appropriate clothing for athletics (i.e. no jeans) and have sun block and brimmed sunhats. No spikes on shoes.
Parent help Please!! – Like last year we hope to allocate two or three parents to each age group to go around the events with them and help at the stations so the parents can watch their children compete. Please indicate on the form below if you can help.
We expect every child to give it their best on athletics day and a high standard of sportsmanship and behaviour is also expected.
A note is needed if there is a medical reason as to why your child can’t compete otherwise they will be expected to take part.
The children who make it through to the Central Otago Athletics on Tuesday 4tgh November in Alexandra, will be notified in the following couple of days after our athletics.
Entries to Central are limited to 2 in the field events and hurdles and 4 in the sprints events, however they also have to meet the standard as well to gain entry.
Central Otago is for under 9’s and up.
Timetable – please refer to timetable on back of this notice.
Ages are at 1st October.

Hope to see you all here on the day!

Thank you
Paul Winders
Sports Co-ordinator


Yes   / No   I can  /  can’t    help with my child’s group (circle one) on the day.

Name or parent________________________________

Name of child __________________________________  Age as of 1st October_______