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Thursday, September 2, 2010

School Swimming 2010

School swimming starts in week nine of this term, and continues through until the end of term 4. All swimming is at Aqualand pool using their instructors. Use the swimming timetable link to see your child/rens class sessions. We are block booking classes this year to give children six lessons in a row for maximum benefit.
All swimming times will be the same this year, leaving school at 12.30pm, travelling by bus, and being ready for lessons at 1.00pm. lessons will be divided into a rotation, depending on ages, and will finish at 2.15pm. Children will change and be on the bus at 2.30pm to be back at school by 2.50pm. The break down of costs is... $4.50 per lesson, $3.00 per return bus trip, total = $45.
We will need parent help for swimming again this year, more so with the juniors and getting them changed on time. if you can help please contact Paul.

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