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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Deep Cove Camp

Year 8 Camp to Deep Cove 2011 - Arrowtown School

6 November 2011

Dear Year 8 students and parents

It’s not long to go now until our Year 8 camp to Deep Cove!!

Monday 12th – Friday 16th December

This is the final camp letter so please keep it for reference.

· Equipment list. Please ensure that your child has packed everything on the list. Make sure thermals and waterproof gear are included as it can be very wet and cold in Fiordland. Kids are not to bring unnecessary items! There is limited space and we do not want big heavy cases to deal with.

· Board Games. Could kids please bring board games to school within the next week for packing. Please – make sure they are names and have suitable bags etc for pieces.

· Pencil Case – There will be some written activities

· Medication. Any medication required for your child should be given to Miss Moar on the Monday morning prior to leaving. Make sure each item is names and in a clear plastic bag.

· Sandflies. Insect repellent is a must for Deep Cove.

· Money. Pocket money is allowed for the trip home when we stop at the Mossburn Dairy and the souvenir shop at the hostel.

· Fishing gear. Please bring a fishing rod if you have one. You must have barbless hooks as these hooks are a requirement of Doubtful Sound.

· Don’t be late! Children will need to be at school by 6am on the Monday 12 December so that the bus can be packed and away by 6.30am. Please do not be late. We need to catch the ferry by 9.45am.

· LUNCH ON MONDAY IN DAY PACK TO TAKE ON BUS AND FERRY. Everyone will need to have a day pack with their lunch, morning and afternoon tea. We have a big trip to get to camp and will be hiking later in the day so make sure there is plenty of food – perhaps two lunches. A jacket for the ferry trip is essential as the weather is very unpredictable.

This daypack must be suitable for the day tramps in the Sounds. Make sure it has comfortable straps.

  • Lollies and fizzy drinks are not allowed at camp.

  • I pod’s / MP3’s. These are acceptable on the bus trips. Any other form of technological entertainment in not. Students are responsible for these, not staff.

  • Cellphones – are not allowed and there is no cell phone coverage.

  • Return / Home time! We aim to be back at School on Friday 16th December by 3 pm.

  • Contact. If you need to contact us during the week please call…………

Bob Hughes, Deep Cove Trust, Invercargill, 03 218 7655 or Arrowtown School, 44201854

Teachers attending the camp are:

· Paul Winders

· Rhys Chamberlain

· Miss Moar

(Unfortunately Miss B has injured her shoulder and is off for a MRI scan tomorrow. She is very disappointed to miss it and have the last camp with her class).

Parents attending the camp are:

· Rita Brinkmann-Kroemer

· Claire Gourlay

· Dave Matthews

· Mark Arrowsmith

· Duncan Forsyth

· Chris Smith

· Claire Brinsley

  • Cost – Camp fee is $165.00 and needs to be paid before we leave.

  • Help

We need lots of chilly bins – bigger the better, but certainly lots. Please contact Claire Gourlay and let her know if you can help with this.

All parents need to help out with 2 x icecream containers of baking that keeps well. Please bring to school on Monday morning.

Thanks to Claire Gourlay and Rita for organising all the food – we will be well fed!

Thanks to Dave and Duncan for offering to take vehicles down.

Thanks for all your help with preparing your child for camp – Camp will be great fun.

Paul Winders, Erin Moar and Rhys Chamberlain.

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