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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Top Bike


Your child _______________________ has been chosen to represent our school at the Central Otago Top Bike Competition in Alexandra on the Wed 16thth May. We are able to enter 3 teams of six riders in each team. Teams are mixed with 3 girls and 3 boys in each team. The cost is $4 per person.
Cancellation date is Thursday 17th May.
The competition consists of;
  • Grass track Races
  • Mountain Bike team time
  • Road team time trial
Competitors need to have their own mountain bikes and helmets. Registrations are from 9am to 9.30am at the Molyneux Tennis Courts in Alexandra.
I can take 5 bikes and 5 kids with me.

Please fill out form and return to me ASAP
Thank you
Paul Winders

Arrow Rockers

Finn Donovan
Thomas Hazlett
Simon W-B
Rosa Ellis-Cook
Brehna Williams
Ayesha Hourston
Arrow Flyers

Simon Morganty
Tiarn Collins
Ben Lockley-Ebsworth
Lucy Hazlett
Nina Johnston
Lana Stevenson

Arrow Chargers

Louie Tatom-Cross
Bradyn McLeod
Ollie Hill
Sophie Aitken
Alex Booker
Giorgia Van der Wilt


Yes / No I give permission for______________ to take part in the Top Bike Competition.

Yes/ No I am able to transport my child and ______ others to the Top Bike Competition. I can take ___ bikes



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