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Thursday, August 9, 2012

CO Cross country

Central Otago Cross Country – Wed 15th August 2012 – Arrowtown- Monks Farm

·         Maximum 6 entries per year group per school. A school can therefore enter up to - 6 yr 5 boys, 6 yr 5 girls, 6 yr 6 boys, 6 yr 6 girls, 6 yr 7 boys, 6 yr 7 girls, 6 yr 8 boys and 6 yr 8 girls. All year group races are separate this year. All runners need to be able to run the distance comfortably without stopping.
·         Entry fee is $4 per child. This must be paid on or before race day. Cheques payable to Arrowtown School. Closing date for entries is Wed 8th August.
·         Entry forms will be online at Google Docs – Online Entry Form

·         We are using transponders this year so each team manager will be given a box of transponders at registration. The transponders are to be put on the left ankle. The transponder number must be assigned to the correct runner. Team managers also need to ensure race number is also written on runner’s right hand in vivid.
·         Monk’s Farm, Arrowtown – just before Arrowtown boundary coming onto Centennial Drive from the Cromwell side. View map.
·         Farm land with hills, mud and lots of cow dung! A change of shoes and clothes is a good idea!
·         Distance  - Yr 5 and 6’s approx 1800m  Yr 7 and 8’s approx. 2.5km
Postponement Date Thursday 16th August
·         Will only be postponed if weather and road conditions really bad.
·         A notice will be put on the Arrowtown school website ( to say “yes it is on” or “no it is off” by 8.00am on the morning of the event
·         Team managers need to email their cell phone contacts to    

·         10.30am – Registration – Managers collect transponders and put them on runners
·         10.50am – Walk the track
·         11.20 am – Briefing
·         11.30am – Yr 5 girls
·         11.40am – Yr 5 Boys
·         11.50am – Yr 6 Girls
·         12.00pm – Yr 6 Boys
·         12.10pm – Yr 7 Girls
·         12.20pm – Yr 7 Boys
·         12.30pm – Yr 8 Girls
·         12.40pm – Yr 8 Boys
·         1.00 pm – prize giving (in Arrowtown School Hall if weather bad)
(times are approximates so please be ready for races early!)
Teams Event
·         The top 3 runners for each school will be counted for the teams events. Placings for team members are added up to determine the 1st, 2nd, 3rd teams. E.g  Arrowtown yr 5 boys -Johnny 3rd – (3 points) Billy 8th (8 points) Stewie 25th (25 points) – total for Arrowtown yr 5 team =36 points. The lowest points determines the schools placing.
·         Top 3 team members will receive medals if team is placed 1st, 2nd, 3rd. Medals will also be given to 1st, 2nd,3rd individuals in each race as well.
·         Arrowtown School to provide hot food, baking and drinks and coffees for sale.
·         Portaloos on site
First Aid
·         St John’s will be on site
·         Paddock beside course (will be sign posted). Buses can park at Arrowtown School (400m away from course)
·         All Schools need to provide one Marshal for the course although smaller schools can provide one Marshal between them. Names of Marshals need to be emailed to me by August 10th.
Feel free to email me with any enquiries –
Paul Winders
Sports Co-ordinator
Arrowtown School
03 442 1854

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