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Monday, April 4, 2011

Yr 6 Cricket Festival

Arrowtown School

Year 6 Cricket Teams

For Mixed Yr6 Festival of Cricket

Queenstown School

Wednesday April 6th 1.30pm-3.00pm

Arrowtown Taylors

Coach: Mark Burdon

Alex Hull

Molly Glendenning

Alex Booker

Cameron Nicolson

Angus Frew

Winnie Brinsley

Will Burdon

Jack Ryan

Arrowtown Ryders

Coach: Nick Hart

Georgia VanderWilt

Lina True

Zoe Hart

Jamie Shaw

Harley Nurse

Sylvio Builloud

Jason McCulloch

Jensen Forsyth

Arrowtown McCullums

Coach: Mark Jessop

Rose Hadley

Anna Leat

Paris Nurse

Charlie Davies

Joel Malcom –Smith

Jak Jessop

Jaxon Collins

Quinn McDonald

Arrowtown Vettoris

Coach: Ian Collin

Georgia Hill

Ella Little

Manon Wilson

Jonathan Currie

Tomas Spring

Zac Hourston

Nicolas Evans

Reece Collin

Hi all,

We are all set to go on Wednesday. I have had to adjust some of the teams as we have had a couple of kids pull out.


Mary – Ellen McDonald (4), Nick Hart(6), Nathalie Wilson(4), Paul Winders(6) Kate Evans (4)

Jackie Leat (4) have all volunteered to take kids - thank you very much. We need one more vehicle for 4 kids so if you can help please contact me.

We are meeting outside the hall at 12.30pm. The kids can have their lunch on the way. I will give out sports uniforms on the day but they will need appropriate suncare gear, a drink bottle and snacks.

The tournament is scheduled to go to 3.00pm so we won’t be back to school until 3.30pm.

Please make arrangements for kids getting home when they get dropped back to Arrowtown school. Kids can use the school phone if they need to.

Please email me to give your kids permission to go if you haven’t already done so.

“Go for Gold” Arrowtown!

Paul Winders

Sports Co-ordinator

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