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Monday, November 14, 2011

CO Athletics Results

We had some fantastic results from the Arrowtown kids at the Central Otago Athletics last week.

u/9 Boys - 1st place - Jayden Lapsley Fowle, Lucas Erskine, Toby Duffy, Cameron Leydon
u/11 Boys - 2nd place - Jak Jessop, Jamie Shipman, Zac Hourston, Billy Conner
u/12 Boys - 2nd Place - Mitchell Lapsley -Fowle, Cameron Parnell, Zac Watts, Merlin Clarke
13yr Boys - 2nd place - Harry Rodger, Jack Conner, Flynn Gerken, George Boanas
u/10 girls -2nd place - Alice Robinson, McKenzie Galbraith,Nell Watherston, Isabella Jones
u/13 girls -1st place - Molly Watherston, Sofia Machray, Amy Jackson, Ayesha Hourston
13yr girls -2nd place - Jess Harwood, Georgia Bartlett, Bridget Hoskin, Mika Ichinose


Harry Rodger - 1st 100m sprint, 1st long jump
Jayden Lapsley- Fowle - 3rd 60m
Chai Proctor - 2nd Long Jump, 1st High Jump, 3rd Shot put
Cameron Parnell - 3rd Long Jump
Will Booker - 1st High Jump, 2nd shot put
George Cameron - 2nd high jump
Sam Moore -3rd high jump
Cooper Neilson - 2nd high jump
Flynn Gerken 3rd high jump
Nicholas Thompson -3rd discus
Charlie Davies - 3rd discus
Jak Jessop - 2nd hurdles
Zac Watts -2nd hurdles
Nieve Collin - 2nd long jump,1st high jump, 2nd 60m, 1st hurdles
Alice Robinson - 3rd long jump, 1st 60m, 1st hurdles
Sofia Machray - 3rd Long jump
Sofie Arhanic - 3rd high jump
Elsie Anderson - 3rd shot put,2nd hurdles
Sacha Holm-Smith 3rd shot put
Molly Glendining -2nd hurdles

Congratulations to you all!

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