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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

CO Athletics

Central Otago Athletics

Hi all,

_________________________________ has been selected to compete in the Central Otago Primary Schools’ Athletics day. See on back for events entered. Please note that there are some events where there is only one or no entries from our school. This is because the Central Otago standard wasn’t met for that event.

The event is being held at Molyneaux Park, Alexandra on Wednesday 2nd November starting at 9.15am. Participants must be there by 9.00am at the latest and look for Mr Winders, Mr Young and Mr Chamberlain who will be in charge of our team this year. We will have an Arrowtown School gazebo to look for as well.

On the day your child will need a packed lunch, a drink, sunscreen lotion and a sunhat. There is a canteen operating. They will be issued with the new school t-shirts and shorts at school. There are only 50 new uniforms so we will issue them to children doing more than one event. The others will be issued with one of the old school t-shirts. Uniforms need to be washed and returned to school ASAP.

Running shoes are recommended for Long Jump. Take something warm to wear between events if the day is cold.

There is an entry fee of $3.00 per competitor to be paid to the school office by the Tuesday 1st November.

Postponement day is Thursday 4th November.

800m (distance) races are run first.

Girls’ track events are in the morning with field events in the afternoon. Boys’ field events are in the morning and track events in the afternoon.

See on the back of this letter for events your child is in as well as all our competitors so as to enable you to look at ride-share possibilities. If your child needs transport to the event please contact me at school please indicate on the form below

We are looking forward to a very successful and enjoyable day.

“Go for Gold!”

Arrowtown School

Paul Winders

Sports Co-ordinator

Yes I can take my child ____________________and____ extras to the Central Otago Athletics on Wed 2nd rNovember.

No my child _________________ needs a lift.

I can/cannot volunteer an hour of my time to help with the hurdles.

Circle one 10am – 11am 11am- 12pm -1pm 1pm – 2pm

Name _________________________ Phone ____________________________________

Please return to Mr Winders on Monday.

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