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Friday, February 10, 2012

Swimming trials

Swimming Trials for CO Champs

Aqualand Wed 22nd Feb – 9.30am – 12.00pm

Hi all,

Your child would like to enter the school swimming trials for the CO champs. The CO champs are being held in Cromwell on the 7th March. Please place a tick beside the event your child would like to enter and return to school ASAP. Central Otago entries are limited to 2 per event per school so we will go on fastest times for our entries.

The cost for entry to Aqualand is $2.00 per child unless they have a card. No baggy shorts for boys and a swim cap for girls if they have long hair.

We would appreciate some helpers to run the trials so please indicate on the form below if you can and return to school this Friday 10th Feb.

This is a school event so you will be representing Arrowtown School at the event should you qualify.


Paul Winders

Sports Co-ordinator



Yes / No I can / can’t help with timekeeping at the swimming trials. Name ___________________


Yes I will take my child and can take _____ others to and from Aqualand on the 22nd

No my child needs a lift. (Circle one)

Name of Parent___________________________________

Name of child _______________________________________


Please tick the events you would like to do (Ages are at 7/3/2012)

Note – you can enter the open champs OR 25m NOT both. The open will be competing against the top swimmers from CO mostly yr 8 kids

1. Open Boys, Champ. 50m freestyle

2. Open Girls, Champ. 50m freestyle

3. 9 + under Boys, 25m freestyle

4. 9 + under Girls, 25m freestyle

5. 10 year Boys, 25m freestyle

6. 10 year girls, 25m freestyle

7. 11 year girls, 25m freestyle

8. 11 year boys, 25m freestyle

9. 12 + over boys, 25m freestyle

10. 12 + over girls, 25m freestyle

11. Open Boys, Champ. 50m backstroke

12. Open Girls, Champ. 50m backstroke

13. 9 + under Boys, 25m backstroke

14. 9 + under Girls, 25m backstroke

15. 10 year Boys, 25m backstroke

16. 10 year Girls, 25m backstroke

17. 11 year Boys 25m backstroke

18. 11 year Girls, 25m backstroke

19. 12 + over Boys, 25m backstroke

20. 12 + over Girls, 25m backstroke

21. Open Boys, Champ.50m breaststroke

22. Open Girls, Champ.50m breaststroke

23. 9 + under Boys, 25m breaststroke

24. 9 + under Girls, 25m breaststroke

25. 10 year Boys, 25m breaststroke

26. 10 year Girls, 25m breaststroke

27. 11 year Boys 25m breaststroke

28. 11 year Girls, 25m breaststroke

29. 12 + over Boys, 25m breaststroke

30. 12 + over Girls, 25m breaststroke

31. Open Boys, Champ. 50m fly

32. Open Girls, Champ. 50m fly

33. 9 + under Boys, 25m fly

34. 9 + under Girls, 25m fly

35. 10 year Boys, 25m fly

36. 10 year Girls, 25m fly

37. 11 year Boys, 25m fly

38. 11 year Girls, 25m fly

39. 12 + over Boys, 25m fly

40. 12 + over Girls, 25m fly

41. Open Boys, Champ. 100m Individual Medley

42. Open Girls, Champ. 100m Individual Medley

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