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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Cross Country results

Congratulations to all the kids who competed in the cross country today! You all did extremely well to finish what was a "true" tough cross country.
Results were.............(all listed have qualified for Central Otago champs on August 15th at the same venue)
Yr 5 girls
1st McKenzie Galbraith
2nd Rosa Frood
3rd Indigo Little
4th Harriet Neilson
5th Ella Bijl
6th Ava Greening
Yr 5 Boys
1st Taine Wallace
2nd Levi Collins
3rd Ben May and Jayden Lapsley-Fowle
4th  Keir Roberts
5th  Ben Robinson
Yr 6 Girls
1st Jemima Stevens
2nd Alice Robinson
3rd Cilla Clarke
4th Isabella Jones
5th Gabby White
6th Kendra McChlery
Yr 6 Boys
1st Will Booker
2nd Fynn Williams
3rd Nick Houghton
4th Gabe White
5th Nathan Hill
6th Ryan Bartlett
Yr 7 Girls
1st Ella Little
2nd Alex Hull
3rd Rose Hadley
4th Giorgia Van der Wilt
5th Jess King
6th Molly Glendinning
Yr 7 Boys
1st Zac Hourston
2nd Tomas Spring
3rd Mitchell Lapsley - Fowle
4th Hugo Donovan
5th Angus Frew
6th Xavier Sadler
Yr 8 Girls
1st Sophie Aitken
2nd Ayesha Hourston
3rd Elsie Anderson
4th Sofia Machray
5th Harriet Dennison
6th Rebekah Frood
Yr 8 Boys
1st Wade McTaggart
2nd Hayden Roche
3rd Zac Watts
4th Finn Duffy
5th Cooper Neilson
6th Liam Spring

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