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Thursday, July 26, 2012


Snowsports Programme 2012
Arrowtown School

Dear Parents,

Thank you to all parents who offered to help us with the programme this year. Unfortunately we can’t take all parents who offered, as we have a limited number of passes. If we have not put you with a group and you have a pass, you are welcome to come and join us and attach yourself to any group. Please check the group lists on the sports blog -

The children use a lot of energy and need some replenishment during the day, so they will be given an opportunity to have a quick drink and something to eat just prior to their lesson. Please provide them with a good lunch and maybe some high energy snacks to put in their pockets. Noodles and yoghurt are not suitable for the mountain!

The timetable for the day is;

9.15    lining up on the court, boarding and departing asap
9.30    snacks on the bus while driving up access road
10.00    arrive Coronet Peak
11.10    groups having lesson at 11.30, stop and eat/drink on the deck (with parent helper)
    (children will get their food/drink from bags downstairs – NOT Allowed  in café)
11.30    One hour lesson for – Baboons, Snowrats, Platapus, Frogs, Monkeys, Buffalos, Tigers, Rhinos, Meercats, Hippos, Walruses, Pandas
12.10    groups having lesson at 12.30 stop and eat/drink on the deck (with parent helper)
12.30    One hour lesson for all other groups - Polar Bears, Sloths, Snowmice, Sharks, Penguins, Lemurs, Elephants, Seals, Kangaroos, Dolphins, Swordfish, Squid, Albatros, Muttonbirds, Pelicans, Roosters
1.30    All 12.30 lessons finish
2 – 2.10 Returning rental gear
2.15    Lining up for the bus
2.20    depart Coronet Peak
2.55    arrive back at school

Parent Helper Information:
  • Those children that are not on the bus and head up the mountain earlier, please come down to the rental area to meet your groups, no group should leave the base area without all of its members.
  • Could each parent helper please organise a meeting spot somewhere around the base area for your group to find you in the morning (as it can be a bit chaotic outside rental)
  • Our 1st Aid person is Tim Young who will be inside the café (or on the deck if sunny!). Tim will have copies of all medical information & communicates with ski patrol should there be an accident.
  • Please check to see if your group’s lesson is at 11.30am or 12.30pm
  • Parent passes for those who haven't got them  will be handed out outside rentals by Tim when we meet.
  • We’ll have signs to hold up for the 1st day so you can locate all your group members

We will be making some changes to the groups based on feedback from parent helpers and instructors. If you think a child in your group need to change levels please see Tim at the lesson time. The adjusted groups will updated on the sports blog (

Cheers,  Paul & Tim

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