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Friday, October 19, 2012

Touch Rugby Term 4

Arrowtown School Touch Rugby Term 4 - 2012  

Starts Monday the 29th October at Events Centre

Hi all,
Please see attached for touch teams for term 4. If your child’s name has been omitted it is probably because payment has not been received. Please contact us at school if you think your child should be in a team but isn’t on the team lists.
 A big thanks to all the parents who have volunteered their time to coach or assist with a team. We couldn’t enter as many teams if we didn’t have your support.
I will hand out a gear bag with bibs for each team on the first day for coaches to hand out to their players. Coaches  please collect in after each game and keep for the term. Please hand them back to me after the last game.
The draw will be posted on the touch southland website ( so please check every Monday for this. Postponements will also be posted on their website and they will notify the school. If postponed we will let the kids know at school.
I have tried to make the teams as even as possible as it not much fun being thrashed each week or on the other hand winning by huge margins.  It should be a fun sport that includes all kids and everyone gets a fair go. Can coaches and assistant coaches please ensure that subs are rotated fairly and all kids are getting a run with the ball. We want to encourage our kids to keep playing sport.  Also we expect a high level of sportsmanship and behaviour from our Arrowtown kids so please let me know if any issues arise. I’m sure we won’t have any though as Arrowtown kids are great!
If coaches or assistants need any help with rules etc please contact me at school or go to the Touch Southland website.
Paul Winders
Sports Co-ordinator

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