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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Yr 7 and 8 Netball

Hi all,
A big thanks to Emily Nelson and Steph McDonald for trialling the Year 7 girls and picking our teams this year. It is not an easy thing to do so we really appreciate their help.
As a club we are lucky to have large numbers of kids wanting to play but it also creates a headache when deciding on teams as we want all kids to have optimum game time.
We have therefore decided to keep the teams small this year which means making an A and B team as well as a composite year 7 and 8 team.
We are also very thankful to have Tracey Galbraith, Carole Watts, Rhonda Frew and Mel Liddy offer to coach these teams.
There will be a run around for those that can make it after school tomorrow so please bring appropriate clothing.
Your coaches will be in touch with more details about the season when they can.
The Teams are....
A team
Coach: Tracey Galbraith

Rebecca King
Luca Swale
McKenzie Galbraith
Nell Watherston
Georgie Jessop
Harriet Neilson
Indigo Little
Claudia Watts
B team
Coaches Carole Watts and Rhonda Frew
Olivia Coddington
Annie Fraser
Amelia McIlroy
Maggie Frew
Annabelle Jones
Natalie Hutchens
Ella Bijl
Holly Camp
Coaches Mel Liddy and ???? please??
Evie Brown
Ruby Noton
Sarah Dawson
Mucha Milne
Stella Morgan
Georgie Atkinson-Strang
Katelyn McIntyre
Georgia Darby
Sarah McCulloch

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