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Friday, March 30, 2012


Otago Primary Schools Swimming Championship

Sat March 31st 2012 Moana Pool

Congratulations, your child ……………………………………………… has qualified to represent Arrowtown School at the Otago Primary Schools Swimming Championships. This will take place in Dunedin at Moana Pool on Saturday 31st March. Children will need to meet Jeannette Horn there by 8.15 am to change, ready for warm up at 8.30 am. The first event begins at 9.00am.

You will need to transport your child to Dunedin for this event. There are some other children that are attending, but as most parents choose to go down the night before, it makes it difficult to arrange car pooling. Therefore, if it is inconvenient or too difficult, please let me know by tomorrow and we will not enter your child.

This event takes place in half of the pool, with children starting in the deep end, turning at the bulkhead and finishing in the deep end. Therefore it is advantageous if your child is able to tumble turn. If they reach a final, they will use the whole pool.

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