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Friday, March 30, 2012

Yr 7 and 8 netball

Yr 7 and 8 Netball teams 2012

Yr 8 team



1. Elsie Anderson

2. Conor Horn

3. Cooper Neilson

4. Harriet Dennison

5. Sofia Machray

6. Georgia Hall

7. Lily Rodger

8. Lily Gamson

9. Romy Hay

Yr 7 A



1. Alex Booker

2. Renae Spencer

3. Amelia Matthews

4. Ella Little

5. Alex Hull

6. Anna Aitken

7. Brooke Spencer

8. Lucy Hazlett

Yr 7 B

Coach:Donna King

1. Lana Stevenson

2. Georgia Van der Wilt

3. Jess King

4. Maddie McLean

5. Manon Wilson

6. Rose Hadley

7. Rebeka Frood yr8

8. Beatrice Onions yr 8

Yr7 C

Coach:Keri Sutherland

1. Sofie Arhanic

2. Ella Garbutt

3. Lina True

4. Nina Johnston

5. Nigella Woodhouse

6. Georgia Hill

7 Abbey Soper

Hi all,

These are the teams for this year’s yr7 and 8 netball. A big thanks to Debbie Macoll and Toni Lewis for selecting the teams for us.

We are very lucky to have the services of Bennie, Susanne, Donna and Keri to coach our children. Please give them your support this year as it’s a big job and sometimes can be quite challenging! Remember they have given up their time to coach and no-one else has, so let’s get in behind them and make this a great season for our kids!

The coaches will be in touch as to practice times, games, expectations etc.



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